Small Rock Crystal cleft in May


On 2nd of May, I was able to discover a small cleft in the Zederhaus valley. The cleft contained mainly Rock Crystals and Calcite. It took 2 visits to empty the cleft, the maximum crystal size was ~ 8 cm, the maximum specimen size was ~ 13 cm.


After the cleft in May, I wasn´t able to make any good finds, although I made many tours. I only discovered a little bit of Rutile. 



In the beginning of August, my former collecting partner and I used a fair weather phase, to make a 3-day tour in the area around Mur source. After a exhausting walk with heavy backpack, we searched an area which is known for good finds, but I only found a small Rock Crystal and a bit of Rutile. On the second day we checked a zone which is known for scepter quartz, but we had no luck. When walking back, we decided to ckeck the next peak and when walking around, I had the luck to find a small cleft, which contained light Smoky Quartz crystals and Adularia. After an uncomfortable night, we made the decision to leave, because the weather forecast announced thunderstorm in the afternoon. 

When we arrived back in civilization, we heard that there was a landslide in then neighbour valley caused by thunderstorm and heavy rain, so we were happy that we made the right decision. 



In the beginnig of October, I made a tour in one of my favourite areas, specially for this time of the year. After a little time with no success, I discovered a little spot, which must have been worked years ago. Although it didn´t look very promising, I decided to start working, because I saw a twinned Rutile crystal on the quartz band.  I didn´t expect to find something special, but after some digging I found a matrix piece with a Rutile on it, about 1 cm in size. That motivated and in the next hours I was able to find some awesome twinned Rutile crystals, with a size up to 3 cm and a thickness up to 1,5 cm. 


At another spot I was able to extract some small specimens with Calcite, Adularia and Rutile. Not big but quite nice.