before 2013

When I started to search for minerals, I mainly walked a lot around and visited known localities and areas in the Lungau area. Without any knowledge, it is really hard to find some beauiful crystals, doesn´t matter if it´s Calcite or Rock Crystals. In the lower size range it is not that difficult, but normally you have other perceptions what you want to find.

With diligence and a lot of tours, I was able to find some lovely specimens. Most of the pieces were found in the Zederhaus and Muhr valley. With every piece I found and carried home, I got more addicted to that hobby, no matter how many kilometers I walked or how much hard work I spent, for nothing or only small finds, I won´t miss a single day collecting in the field. The beauty of the landscape, flora and fauna, the loneliness, makes up for a lot.