Prasem, Hematite

Serifos Island / Greece

6,2 × 5,3 × 3,6 cm


Here you see a super nice specimen from this world famous locality on Serifos Island. The specimen shows the typical dark green Quartz crystals and in between a little bit of Hematite var. Iron Rose. Specimens are getting harder to come by nowadays, because of the restriction of collecting on the island.
The specimen is in a good condition all around and is fixed on an acrylic base!

120,00 €

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"Truffle Pig Pocket" Diana Maria Mine / Frosterley / Weardale / England

7,2 x 4,5 x 5 cm


Beautiful Fluorite from the famous locality in Weardale. The specimen shows chrome green cubic crystals, with an maximum  edge length of 2,5 cm. As typical for this locality, the crystals show daylight fluorescence, best seen on the close up picture. The over all condition of the nicely arranged specimen is good. 

85,00 €

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Goboboseb mountains / Erongo / Namibia

5,5 x 2 x 2 cm


Fantastic single crystal from the world famous locality. The Amethyst is clear like glass in the upper 2/3 and shows a light purple phantom inside. Base was on the rock, specimen is fixed on an acrylic base!

35,00 €

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Piedra Parada / Veracruz / Mexico

4,2 x 3,3 x 1,6 cm


Lovely little Amethyst cluster from the world famous locality in Mexico. The specimen is crystallized as a floater, showing several crystals esthetically grown together and partly covered with some tiny, glossy Calcite crystals. Undamaged specimen!

25,00 €

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