It´s hard to write something interesting, about a collecting season without good finds. I spent about 40 days in the mountains, visited my Ameliekluft like the 2 years before and made some visits to spots from the year before. In August we spent 2 days in the Mur valley, but the weather forecast and the reality didn´t fit together and after a rainy night with thunderstorm we left. 


In fall I discovered a small cleft, but nearly everything was already destroyed by erosion. In late fall I went to the Mur valley again to search for Rutile and found a spot, where all the cracks were filled with fine needles of Rutile. At that spot I also found Calcite, Perikline, Siderite and one huge Quartz crystal. The specimens were very fragile, so that the most pieces fell apart after extraction. After a second visit, the season was over!

See some impressions below!