Season 2017 started early this year, I started the work at my Ameliekluft on 2nd of January. I was able to discover a cool double terminated crystal. After that, winter finally arrived and I had to make a break for several weeks. Next to the work at the Ameliekluft, I decided to concentrate my search on just a few areas in the region. That´s why I visited a side valley of the Zederhaus valley very often during spring and was able to find a cleft, which contained one single Rock Crystal, not more, but it is the biggest I ever found in this valley. Nearby I was able to find a zone where I discovered 7 clefts, not big, but fun to work. They contained Calcite, Pyrite, Rock Crystals (Needle Quartz, Fadenquartz). 


The results in the Mur valley were bad, to say it polite.


In this year I had the luck to get a special permit, which allows the collecting in the core zone of the nationalpark "Hohe Tauern", so that I tried my luck there, but weather and free time

didn´t work together really good. So, I carried my tools and my dog often for nothing!