Similar to 2018, the season 2019 started late, because of a long winter with much snow. It was a hard time for all crystal collectors.


Late winter

At the end of february, sitting at home made me feel so uncomfortable, that I decided to start my collecting season, although there was a lot of snow covering the mountains.

It took me some trips, but then I was able to found some pieces in an already emptied pocket. Till the officially beginning of spring, I made several trips. I visited some unknown areas and I was able to make some smaller finds.



In a new area, I found the first rock crystals of the year, in the last days of winter. During my following collecting trips, I found another pocket, so the start of the season was really fine.

I made a lot of trips in spring and it happened several times, that I ended up in intense snowfall.

In the middle of april, my friend Moa and I made the decision, that we were waiting long enough and that the time was right to hike up to our pocket we found in november 2018. After an adventurous walk over snow-covered paths and meter-high snowdrifts, we reached the pocket. The area nearby was free of snow, but everywhere around was deepest winter. We visited this spot 3 times successively and collected nice pieces, although the weather conditions were different every time.

Over all the spring was really profitable! Even if it was not possible to make some spectacular finds, trips without any find were rare. Like in the years before, I concentrated my trips on just a few areas, sometimes I went to complete new areas for having a look.



Like in the 2 years before, because of private and professional reasons, I wasn´t able to reach the high level of trips during summer, like I wanted. Nevertheless I was lucky enough to find one or the other nice piece for my collection. I also notice, that the huge amount of trips during the last years, led to experience! 

During the summer, I found, on different localities, some beautiful fluorite, dolomite, calcite, albite and quartz.



 Like always, the year is finished to fast, so was 2019. In fall, I wasn´t able to do all trips I planned, bad weather cancelled them too often. Nevertheless, I was able to find some nice pieces. In the middle of November the season was stopped by early and intense snow.


I´m looking forward to the start of season 2020!